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FeaturesThe featurers of Makini PDF

Responsive design

User Interface is the thing that connects the user and the machine. It's what humans made, so that people can interact with the machine however they want to.

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Quick Loading

Makini PDF is Fast and Accurate, easy to install, learn and use, it is compatible twith all Windows versions.

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Easy Conversion

Convert PDF documents, PDF to Word, PDF to Ecexl, PDF to Image, PDF to XML, PDF to HTML, PDF to Text.

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Makini PDF is designed to help you in development of applications where is necessary to convert any PDF documents. Let's see what functions the Makini PDF can provide for you: PDF to Word (DOCX). PDF to Word (RTF). PDF to Images (Multipage TIFF, PNG, Jpeg and so forth). PDF to Excel, XLS. PDF to HTML. PDF to XML. PDF to Text.

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